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Typical Monday night

Typical Monday night


#7: Charanjit Singh, 1982.

Indian composer whose experimental electronic sounds pre date acid house by five years.

The Guardian’s Louis Pattison explains below.

would it be soon possibly

nope, The DC tape is pretty far down on the list of stuff i’m willing to part with 

hey dude i really wanna buy dat dc snuff film is it still for sale?

nah not right now



"damn ma, I ain’t know you had it like that"


 - Jeff Goldblum's laugh from Jurassic Park
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trap boomin

This single picture brings me so much joy

This single picture brings me so much joy


Don’t worry guys, in a couple years corporations will be replaced with big dance clubs where everyone can go to have a safe fun time and listen to disco music


The Seattle Sounders signed 18-year old Xander Bailey to a professional contract, who also started against Premier League side Tottenham Hotspurs. Bailey has cystic fibrosis, but trained with the team prior to the match, kicked off the match alongside his hero, USA captain Clint Dempsey, and recorded a shot on goal for the Sounders behind an incredible crowd.

This is what football is about.

Wiz Khalifa - We Dem Boyz
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WOAH how much for all that coma cinema stuff (separate prices would b cool) + Ricky eat acid...would luuuuv 2 help out dude!

Not selling any of the Ricky eat acid or coma cinema stuff but white …I Will Be My Own Hell, red holo pleasures & the hotter sadness tape are on eBay ending tmrrw night

Laurel Halo - Tumor
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Laurel Halo - Tumor